Middlemoor Farm Holidays

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Nothing beats a big family BBQ, especially in the warmer months! Make use of our BBQ and set the table for the perfect outdoor dining experience. 

Hot Tub

For extra indulgence, why not add the use of our outdoor, log-fired hot tubs to your stay? It truly is the perfect way to relax and unwind whilst watching the sunset across Northumberland.

The hot tubs are fuelled by sustainable dried wood and are simple to use. Once heated, the hot tub is designed to stay warm for up to 14 hours and can accommodate up to six guests. If you book our hot tub package, we will supply logs for the equivalent of one night’s heating. We will also supply hooded dry robes. 

Before your arrival, the hot tub will be filled with cold water. We light the fire if you wish to use the hot tub that day – depending on your estimated arrival time. The hot tub water is chlorine-free, but if you are staying more than two nights we clean and refill the hot tub on day three.

Outdoor Dining Space

Make the most of the great outdoors by heading outside to enjoy the great dining space we have to offer. While this space is ideal for al fresco dining during the summer, we also have log fires outside for winter.  

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